Our Purpose

Why another lost and found?

We don't think you can have too many resources for matching lost and found animals. And each resource tool has value.

The three main goals of this site are: maintain the data for a long period of time; allow a picture to be attached; make the data searchable. For example, you can look for cats, look for male cats, look for male cats lost within a certain time period.

Sometimes an animal gets found after being lost for several months. By then, the lost ads have expired, and the posters have come down. So it seemed like a good time for an electronic medium, in our local area, that can host the information for quite awhile.

A word about property.

Montana Code Annotated references:

70-1-104. In what things property interests may exist. There may be ownership of:
     (2) all domestic animals;

70-1-105. Real or personal. Property is either:
     (1) real or immovable; or
     (2) personal or movable.

70-1-108. Personal property defined. Every kind of property that is not real is personal.

We are not legal officers, but we think these references mean domestic animals are personal property. If you want to know more about personal property rights, duties and laws, one place to read about them is the state's website: www.mt.gov

If you are concerned about an animal you have found, regarding its ownership, whether or not you can keep the animal, and what your duties are, we recommend you consult with your local animal control officer. If you live within the city of Billings, they are located at the city's Animal Shelter. Phone: 657-8226.  If you live outside the city, but within Yellowstone County, you would find them via the Sheriff's office. Phone: 256-2958.

A word about the data extracted from other sources

This site is a searchable database of information from a variety of sources: individuals can post notices; we also extract lost and found data from other cited sources and include it here.

Good luck in your search, thank you for looking here.