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Billings is lucky to have so many area rescues and private shelters, but, if you find an animal that is not yours, and you don't think you can find the owner, or, you are concerned someone who isn't the owner will try to claim the pet from you, please, take the animal to the municipal shelter on Monad Rd.  When you take an animal to a private rescue you have limited the owner in finding the animal or even making a legal claim to the animal.  Facilitating that exchange is one of the many purposes municipal shelters serve.  

 This site serves as a community bulletin board/searchable database, for lost or found pets.  This is a free service.


1. Put up posters.

2. Place an ad here, at Craigslist, and in local papers, the Gazette runs them free for 3 days. 657-1212

3. There are many facebook pages devoted to lost and found animals in Montana, google will help you find them.

4. Check with the Billings municipal shelter (yvas.org) at 1735 Monad Rd. 294-7387 and/or  (find them on facebook)

5. Also check with Yellowstone County animal control at 256-2958.

6. Local veterinarians and pet centers are worth a call. Some folks take strays to Vets or call the local pet center instead of the shelter.

7. Check with the private shelters and rescues too. But...don't just call, visit their facility and look for yourself.  It is too easy to miss a match over the phone.

Animal Welfare League, Laurel: 628-6019

B.A.R.K.: 208-2454, 4017 1st Ave S, Billings (find them on facebook)

Help For Homeless Pets: 896-1700, 2910 Hannon Rd, Billings (helpforhomelesspets.org)

Humane Society of Yellowstone County: 259-6198


Here is the how-to info for this site:

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After you submit your ad you are given an access code, save the code, this allows you to delete your ad.

Pictures are great for LOST ads. Give consideration before including one in a FOUND ad.

You cannot change your ad, but you can submit a replacement, then delete the original.

All submitted postings are moderated before being displayed.

We reserve the right to refuse to display a submission.  We reserve the right to delete a previously displayed submission.

We appreciate links to this site, but the only way to post a lost and found ad to this site, is on this site.  Posting lost or found pet information on any other site will not send the information to this site.



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