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This pet was reported: Lost
The report was posted by: Melissa Harrell
Their phone number is: (406) 6478698
On this date: 2020-04-28


Species: cat
Breed1: Bombay Domestic Blac
Age: under 2 years
Gender: female
Spay: yes
Pet Name: Elvira ears perk up to "kitty cat"
Comments: My kitty Elvira somehow is missing the 25th from Southside by Sam's Club area. She's never left the house before and I can't find her anywhere and she didn't eat her food or her treats.. She is very shy and skittish. She loves cat treats especially if they have cat nip. She has a raspy meow. She's a Bombay breed so she has mannerisms of a little panther, but she is the sweetest kitty. She's about 2 years old and is about 10 pounds. I rescued her from the shelter December 27th. She most likely will run away from anyone scared. If you get on the ground and approach her slowly she won't run off. He ears perk up when you call her " kitty cat" or if you ask her if she wants "treats", she really likes her treats. She is microchipped and registered but shes not wearing a collar. I have contacted the shelter and the AKC Reunite already. Please if anyone has see my sweet kitty please message me. Thank you.
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