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This pet was reported: Found
The report was posted by: Courtney
Their phone number is: (406) 9988686
On this date: 2019-02-02


Species: cat
Breed1: Domestic Shirt hair
Age: under 2 years
Gender: unknown
Spay: no
Pet Name:
Comments: Uncut male black kitten. Apartments next to target/dottys in the heights. Update: -apparently a group of people were getting into a car here in the apartments and had him. They asked if we wanted a cat and that he was just running around on the street. (Lincoln Lane off bench). Hes super sweet and playful. its hard to imagine this guys a stray. If hes yours hope its comforting knowing hes not outside freezing. Hes eaten and played and now Hes currently cuddled up on me sleeping.
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